About Our Food Distributors and Food Broker Company

The Ranshaw Group is a team of business professionals with over 40 years of experience in the food and beverage industry and in wholesale distribution. We have firsthand knowledge and experience in food processing, food distribution, food and beverage sales, and in working with both national and international restaurant chains. We also are experienced in both domestic and global trade.

Our mission is to assist food and beverage suppliers in providing the very best quality gourmet and specialty food products to our highly valued customers in the wholesale distribution, retail distribution, and restaurant sectors of the industry at competitive prices. We maintain an excellent standard of service and dependability that further enhances the value of these relationships.

Our Team

Mike Ranshaw, CEO, The Ranshaw Group

Michael Ranshaw

CEO, The Ranshaw Group
Email: mike@ranshawgroup.comPhone: 214-758-7570

Michael Ranshaw is a leading executive in the food and beverage industry with a proven track record of sales and profit growth. His background includes Chief Operations Officer, Vice President, Director, Corporate Sales Manager and other leadership positions with food processors and manufacturers. He has been recognized for driving major strategic moves that resulted in profitable solutions for the organizations he worked for, as well as his national customers.

His strengths are in sales and development growth, sales team development, and international sales expansion. He has been able to develop strong relationships with food and beverage processors, distributors, national and international restaurant chain leaders, as well as retail food and beverage vendors across the United States. His educational background is in business administration and he is an alumnus of Miami University of Ohio. Michael also speaks Spanish, which has enabled him to build strong relationships with key business leaders in Latin America.

Lori Ranshaw, President, The Ranshaw Group

Lori Ranshaw

President, The Ranshaw Group
Email: lori@theranshawgroup.comPhone: 214-471-4948

Lori Ranshaw brings more than twenty years of experience in wholesale distribution to The Ranshaw Group, with a special focus on business development and performance improvement. She also has a strong background in sales and marketing. She is co-founder of Innovative Excellence in Leadership and Performance, a training and development company that provides performance solutions geared toward leadership and business development, employee training, and executive coaching to businesses in the food and beverage industry.

Lori has degrees in education, business, and organizational leadership and is a certified behavioral consultant and executive coach. She is a speaker and author who is able to teach, train, and motivate both individuals and teams for the purpose of building trust, improving communication, and achieving common goals. She and her husband Michael reside in Dallas, TX.

Other Strategic Alliances

The Ranshaw Group works with a number of experts in a variety of service professions in order to provide some of the best marketing strategies, analytics, and solutions to our valued clients. We also offer services geared to customer retention and loyalty, a very key concern for food and beverage vendors.

The Ranshaw Group is dedicated to the overall success of our clients and seek to work with them at a variety of levels to see that their business goals are achieved in a satisfactory manner. In short, we all succeed when our clients succeed!