Food brokers are intermediaries hired by either the manufacturer or wholesale food and beverage distributer to sell your product to either a wholesale food distributor, retail food store, or restaurant chain. Food brokers do not purchase product, but make sales for you in your chosen market. They may also provide other services, such as logistics management, specialty food branding, private labeling, and packaging optimization.

Gourmet and specialty food brokers focus on this particular market segment and have the ability to introduce your product into a larger market and also provide expert advice on how to accomplish this goal.


Brokers play a key role in the growth of your business. Brokers act as your virtual sales staff by disseminating your product literature, samples, and point of purchase materials, and by obtaining orders. Simply put, brokers know the right people. Whether it is a large box store or a small specialty foods shop, brokers know someone who can make it happen for you and your product. Many times, they are able to open doors to larger accounts that would normally be impossible for many food sellers, as many large buyers only see brokers- not independent suppliers.

Using a broker can be the most cost-effective method for expanding your access to both existing and new markets. An experienced broker generally represents many different food lines and has an extensive list of potential food buyers. Brokers will review your product line for compatibility with their overall catalog of product representation and territory.


There are several reasons why The Ranshaw Group stands out from many other food brokers.

  1. First of all, our philosophy is based upon the Triple Bottom Line model of conducting trade. A project must meet the following criteria to meet these three pillars of sustainability:
    • People
      We care about the people involved in the production of food sources. From the farmers or laborers involved, or the communities in which they live, we want to see all stakeholders in the process benefit from the sale of their products.
    • Planet
      We care about our environment and fully support sustainable environmental practices. From conserving energy to developing new and healthier means of production, we continually seek to find quality products that uphold these and other sustainable practices.
    • Profit
      We desire everyone to mutually derive economic value from the trade process. We fully embrace the concept of “win-win” in each and every transaction.
  1. Secondly, we are a group of experts from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines that understand each step of the business cycle. Our strategic alliances allow us to provide a comprehensive framework of services and solutions that will not only market your products to some of the most premier buyers, but will also assist you in many other aspects of growing, developing, and improving your business.
  1. Thirdly, we understand that business, just like life itself, is based upon relationships. We believe one of our greatest strengths we offer our customers is the quantity, and most importantly, the quality of relationships we have in the food and beverage industry. Our combined years of experience in this industry has enabled us to develop relationships with many individuals and companies that are major forces of food distribution and on both a national and international scale.


As a valued customer of The Ranshaw Group, you can be confident knowing that your product is being marketed by experts with both the experience and knowledge to effectively and efficiently deliver your product through the appropriate channels of distribution, all the way to the consumer. It is our desire to “partner” with you not only in the successful distribution of your gourmet or specialty food product, but in the overall development and implementation of your company’s goals. In short, we want you to succeed in all areas of your business, and are able to assist you at every level.