Introducing Smoken’ Jacks Premium Sauces, Infusions, and Rubs

By Lori Ranshaw
In May 15, 2015


The Ranshaw Group introduces

Smoken’ Jack’s BBQ Sauces and Rubs

The Ranshaw Group is pleased to introduce and promote Smoken’ Jacks award-winning premium sauces, infusions, and rubs. The Smoken’ Jacks concept was created by corporate chef and BBQ Pitmaster, Jack Vogt.  Jack’s interest in grilling goes back to his boyhood memories of grilling with his father, Jack, Sr.  Jack’s dad, a packing house laborer by day and pizza delivery man by night, knew meat well and was passionate about grilling and barbeque. This passion transferred to his son, Jack, who joined his father at the grill from an early age.  His father would often quip, “Two Jacks are better than one!”

Jack,Sr. with Jack, Jr.

Young Jack’s passion for meat and grilling continued to grow as he cooked for family, friends, competitive BBQ events and now as he offers several award-winning sauces, rubs, and infusions to retailers and consumers.  The legacy of Jack’s father lives on, not only through Jack, Jr. but will hopefully be passed on to Jack Jr.’s son, Jack, whose nick-name is “Little Smoky”.  Jack now proudly proclaims that “three Jacks are better than one!”

Some of Jack’s award-winning sauces include:

Honey Jalapeno Infusion

  • 9 time Scovie Award winner spanning multiple categories;
  • 1st Place Great American BBQ Winner;
  • Flavor notes: Mild Jalapeno heat balanced with honey, infused with Soy Sauce, and complimented with a unique spice blend;

Honey Roja Chipotle INFUSION (New)

  • Flavor Notes: Red Jalapenos, smoky chipotle peppers, seasoned with a unique spice blend, balanced with honey and a whisper of orange juice concentrate the delivers a sweet, savory and spicy Mexican – Asian twist.

Loco Yaki INFUSION (New)

  • Flavor Notes: Traditional teriyaki flavors with a blend of Latin spices with bold earthy tones of cocoa and coffee that take you on a Mexican – Asian adventure.

Jalapeno Brown Mustard

  • 1st place Scovie winner;
  • Flavor notes: Düsseldorf Brown Mustard, jalapenos, balanced with honey and a unique spice blend that makes a sweet, tangy, and spicy finish;

Infusions and Mustard

  • Hot Dogs: use with specialty hotdog and sausage toppings, mix Infusions and mustard into cole slaw for a unique flavor adventure;
  • Salads: Made to order salads tossed with Honey Jalapeno, Honey Roja Chipotle, Jalapeno Mustard vinaigrettes; Mix Honey Jalapeno into ranch dressing for the ultimate salad topper
  • Sliders: Add Infusions and Jalapeno Mustard to the slider builds or use as a stand-alone condiment that will offer big taste to little bite experience;
  • Glazes and Infusions: For a delicious variety, add Infusion, Jalapeno Mustard, Original Rub and Southwest Rub;

Suggested Uses

  • All sauces are great on wings; Rubs dusted over wings out of the fryer with sauces served on side for dipping;
  • Jalapeno Mustard would be great on grilled sandwiches
  • Honey Jalapeno added to coleslaw will take the pulled pork tacos over the top;
  • Chicken tastes great rubbed with original rub glazed with Honey Jalapeno or Honey Roja Chipotle; Southwest rubbed glazed with Loco Yaki


Smoken’ Jacks Famous BBQ Sauces

Bold & Spicy BBQ Sauce

  • 2 time Scovie Award winner American Style Hot BBQ Sauce;
  • 3rd place American Royal BBQ;
  • Flavor Notes: Rich tomato flavor with bold, spicy, and smoky flavors finished with jalapeno and chipotle powders; Anything delivered in a bun, to offer that bold, spicy and smoky flavor; Great finished to fries or BBQ nachos;

Original BBQ Sauce

  • 2 place American Royal;
  • Flavor Notes: Rich tomato flavor sweetened with molasses and unique spices, with many other tempting spices for an explosion of flavor. Anything delivered in a bun, to offer an explosion of flavors; Great finish to fries or nachos.

Smoken Jacks Logo

These sauces and rubs are a perfect fit for restaurant, food service, or retail applications.  Smoken’ Jacks can also provide private labeling for customers.  Call The Ranshaw Group at 214-548-7570 for more information on how you can order Smoken Jacks sauces, infusions, and rubs.


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