The Ranshaw Group is pleased to offer an extensive variety of gourmet and specialty coffees, teas, wines, and sparkling waters. We offer premium gourmet and specialty foods from around the world that meet our high standards of quality. Food suppliers and food distributors alike are pleased with our service, industry knowledge, and broad range of clients in order to expand and facilitate the sales process.

Gourmet Coffees

The Best Gourmet Coffees in the World

We have an extensive list of gourmet and specialty coffees imported from countries around the world. We offer green coffees from Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Nepal, (Green coffee from Mount Himalaya),Yemen, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Congo, Ivory Coast, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, to name a few. We also offer roasted coffee beans, roasted and ground coffee beans, soluble coffee in bulk and consumer packs.

Specialty coffee is the most labor intensive crop in the world, and thousands of indigenous people are involved in the picking and processing of specialty coffee beans. We support projects and farms that enhance the quality of their crop, yet also promote improving and sustaining their communities and way of life. We are pleased to offer sustainably grown OrganicFair Trade, and Signature Estate coffees from around the world at competitive prices:

  • African Coffees
  • Central and South American Coffees
  • South-East Asian Coffees
  • Indian and Nepalese Coffees
  • Specialty Coffee Blends

Gourmet Teas

tea leafImported Artisanal Teas and Tea Blends

The Ranshaw Group offers our customers many types of premium loose tea, loose tea blends as well as bagged teas from Asia and Africa. These fine gourmet teas are high-quality, single-estate, and loose-leaf teas grown in climates conducive to producing some of the very best-tasting teas in the world. We also offer artisanal tea blends.

Our teas come from:

  • India
  • Kenya
  • Sri Lanka
  • Nepal

sparkling water

Specialty Wines

We offer several different brands of domestic and imported wines from Italy, France, and Central and South America.

Sparkling Waters

We sell both domestic and imported sparkling waters.

Specialty Adult Beverages

We offer premium quality, signature domestic and imported alcoholic beverages.