The Ranshaw Group is committed to the practice of measuring and managing stakeholder relationships, as it is key to the overall health of your company. Our team of experienced research experts provide both data and key insights to help our clients achieve spectacular and measured results in the area of customer loyalty. As a deep and meaningful metric for determining the strength of these relationships, Loyalty is the undisputed winner. Our research helps clients understand, measure, and manage relationships with two of the most significant stakeholders in any enterprise- Customers and Employees. Our capabilities extend to studies of Customer Satisfaction, Voice of the Customer, and the overall Customer Experience. Often, we search even deeper to discover specific segments within a customer based with distinct needs and preferences. Our segmentation studies are a valuable input to strategies around product and service offerings, communication, and even the business model.

A staunchly loyal customer base translates into superior financial results for your company. Our analytic model segments customers into categories of loyal, neutral, and vulnerable. The mix of these categories reveals the amount revenue stream and profitability each contribute. What would be the impact of migrating a portion of vulnerable customers to the neutral segment, or even the loyal segment? How much would be needed to invest and what would the ROI be? Can we improve the wallet share in this market?

These are just a few of many questions our research uncovers during the analysis process. We build customized Financial Impact models that accurately measure the likely implications of strategic choices. Restaurant chains, in particular, discover the value this analytical method offers when studying comparative sales in their markets.